Forest Management Plans

Forest Management Plans
A forest management plan includes:

  1. Guidelines for a particular property expressing landowner goals
  2. Description of the property/parcel
  3. Assessment of forest, delineated into forest types or ‘stands’
  4. Schedule of events/projects to take place on the property to achieve landowner goals

NYS Forest Tax Law (480-a)

The forest tax law is offered to NY State landowners with 50 or more forested acres. A 20 year commitment can reduce tax assessment by roughly 80% for the enrolled acreage. You read correctly: participation translates to an approximate 80% reduction in land taxes for the county, school and town for the enrolled acres. If you qualify to participate, a Joshua Tree, Inc. forester will work with you to create a tax plan and enroll you in the program. Call us for a free consultation to find out if you qualify and what the extent of your savings will amount to.

Sale of Conservation Easements
Joshua Tree, Inc. can represent you in the sale of your conservation easement.

Conservation easements are landowners’ rights to further subdivide or develop their properties. Once you convey property, you may retain ownership and “passive recreational rights” which can include timber harvesting, hunting, hiking, swimming, and in some cases even quarrying for stone. The sale of an easement usually runs in perpetuity, however acres can be left out of the sale for future development.

Many preservation-minded landowners sell their conservation easements. These easement sales can fetch large prices, along with reducing assessments and therefore reducing taxation.